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Enable early stage investments in deep tech companies with a unique technology

Our Philosophy


We invest in the pre-seed/seed stages of scalable technology-based companies aiming for large international markets. The business shall be able to operate long term, with a core of future-proof technologies.

Founders with full focus on one product solving a significant, global problem. A team should be in place, consisting of brilliant, self-motivated people. Our approach is to support your growth “hands on”, therefore we prefer to invest in companies located within a not more than 3 hour flight from Copenhagen.


Mist Ventures invests in technology-based companies (deep tech) based on proprietary technology superior to competition.

Our main areas of specialization, where we possess strong technological and industry backgrounds, are: embedded software, hardware, ASIC, telecom, machine learning, and algorithms.


For us, the entrepreneurs is always first, therefore we strive for a smooth and simple investment process. We are also keen on encouraging motivation for founders – ensuring that they own the major shares of the company.

We invest up to 1M SEK, and aim to be involved in the company, so it can fully benefit from our experience.

Our Team

Michal Stala

Managing partner

Michal have a huge interest in tech companies, especially with ML, IoT, Silicon/HW and telecom focus. Michal have over 15 years of work experience in the telecommunication business.

Michal was a co-founder of Mistbase which got acquired by ARM 18 months after the start of Mistbase. At ARM Michal continued working Director in the Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) group.

During Michals career, he have also worked at Sony Ericsson with embedded software development, at Ericsson Research with LTE research and at Ericsson/ST-Ericsson with wireless modem ASIC development.

Michal has a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Lund Institute of Technology (LTH) at Lund University.

Magnus Midholt


Magnus founded his first embedded software company in 2013 and simultaneously launched the first product speedshooting.se.
Together with his co-founder Michael, he founded the next one, Mistbase in 2015, which was acquired by ARM 18 after only 18 months of operation due to the superior technology. After the acquisition, Magnus was brought on as a Director in the wireless business unit, later moving on to the machine learning group, and currently serves as the machine learning and embedded software Tech Lead.

Magnus’ primary focus is on improving execution, strategy, technology and business development for start-ups.

Magnus has a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Lund Institute of Technology (LTH) at Lund University. He has 12 years of industry experience from Sony Ericsson, Sony Mobile (started 2003) focusing on embedded software development/R&D, based both in Sweden and China.

Latest News

Sanctify – A Fintech with an AI/ML touch

Our latest investment and engagement is in Sanctify a Fintech company focused on developing tools for assisting people working with financial markets utilizing ML/AI

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Read more about our investment in AlignedBio https://www.innovation.lu.se/article/nya-portfoljbolaget-alignd-systems-tar-in-fem-miljoner

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New insights with nanowire based sensor platforms.
The most advanced and customizable nanowire platforms for disease diagnosis and treatment, pathogen and pesticide identification, contaminants monitoring and other applications.

Finch 3D

Finch 3D is a tool for Architects to leverage their designs in the early phases of a project.


The Future In Manufacturing
Gimic take industry one step closer to industry 4.0 by putting artificial intelligence in production lines.


Homepal is a proptech company that offers real estate companies a master data platform to manage their business critical information.


Sanctify is a technical company focused on developing tools for assisting people working with financial markets. Sanctify offer unique financial analytics and information services based on AI to both personal and professional users.

Fast Track Capital

Microfund investing in pre-seed startups, backed by family offices, prominent angel investors and SamInvest. Invest primarily in companies connected to MINC (The startup house of Malmö, Sweden). 


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